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  • Local search ranking factors
    2015/4/30 / 34 Comments / News

    Local search ranking factors are also changing these years. As it makes more diffucult to rank in local search keywords

  • 4 myths of paid search bidding
    2017/4/30 / 14 Comments / News

    Competition is fierce in the world of paid search advertising. And it’s getting tougher all the time. Today, more than 1 million advertisers are bidding up prices on Google AdWords, spending more than $62 billion dollars annually.

    As the Google paid search platform continues to evolve, providing more granular visibility and control, advertisers must adapt bidding strategies or risk seeing reduced ROI. What worked even recently will not deliver the same results tomorrow.

    With the paid search landscape changing so rapidly, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. This white paper from [24]7 will debunk a few common myths in the paid search marketplace.

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